Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An On-line store? ?

I was sitting in my living room (the coldest room in my house) with 3 of my crafty friends. We were sipping our way through an iced bottle of apple cider, complaining about the politics going on, in a few craft fairs we all sold at, when something very unusual happened. The hubby joined the conversation.
Now I will admit I hadn't even noticed him enter the room. Usually when my friends are over, he is hidden away downstairs, but now, here he was, talking with the girls.
We were all so flabergasted, that none of us actually heard what he had said. We sat there awkwardly, silently staring at him, until he spoke again. "Well, why not. It won't cost you very much, not if you go together on it. What have you got to lose?"
"Sweetie" my best friend Julie spoke up, thank goodness. We've known her forever and she's always had him wrapped around her finger. "I'm sorry but, I missed the first thing you said." Delivered with her best "oh gosh, silly me" look, my husband repeated himself happily.
"I said why don't you open an on-line store? You girls are always messaging each other anyways. Why not use your computers to run a store? I know a guy who sells homemade fishing lures on the internet. . ."
And with that the crowd took over and somewhere in the middle of the store conversation, I looked over and noticed that he was no longer in the room. I do wish I knew how he slips in and out so quietly. By the time the cider was gone, we'd talked the life out of the store idea and moved onto something a bit more plausible, something that didn't involve a huge learning curve. With kids, grandkids, real jobs and craft work, none of us have the time to take on something as complicated as setting up an online store.
But you know, now that everyone is gone and I look at my summer's project, a large pile of really nice bamboo scarves (isn't it incredible that they can make yarn out of something as hard as bamboo - and it's a naturally renewable resource) I'm starting to wonder if this internet store idea just might fly.
Has anyone else made an on-line store?


  1. What a great idea! If you have a product to sell why not join the millions of others selling online? Hello~I'm following you from MBC! Would love to have you check out my blog http://raisingmy4sons.com Thanks! :)

  2. Thanks for the thoughts. I think that I will start trying to get that store in motion!