Wednesday, August 5, 2009

368 Photos of Stonehenge?

My hubby went to England two years ago and had a great time. He took my little Nikon Coolpix camera with him and really enjoyed the freedom of having a small camera in his pocket. He usually carries around a big backpack with his fancy dancy Nikon D60 SLR camera, but this time he wanted to be a bit less weighed down.
I have to admit, he did take some beautiful pictures, even if he did get carried away a bit. Actually that's not quite accurate. He got carried away a lot. For instance, he took 368 pictures of Stonehenge. And almost all of them were good shots.

I can almost imagine him jogging along the walk, snapping shots every 3 seconds to get the complete anthology.
I made the mistake a few days ago, of asking him whatever came of those several thousand pictures he took in the UK.
"I just dumped them on the computer." he replied.
I asked him if he had any plans for them and he thought for a few moments, then shrugged his shoulders (which I"ve learned in a lifetime of marriage means "not me honey, but how about you?").
So just for a laugh, I started to go through the huge file titled "Stones".
I've been having a lot of fun with a program called Storymaker Plus, that let's me easily make up fast 12 x 12 pages, for my scrapbooks and I made a few for Stonehenge, uploaded them to Costco, and then presented them to him as a surprise.
They turned out great and he was very suitably impressed.
Is anyone else out there doing 12 x 12 collages at Costco?


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  2. Love the pics...and the "shoulder shrug"...what, do they teach that at some secret "husband school"?